Cordelia Plant-Based Meals

Cordelia is now available at Jade Wellness Studio on Queen St, as well as Shabby Motley Handcraft and Mill Market! We love making it easy for you to eat delicious plant-based meals. Thank you for your continued support!

Starting February 1st!

  And by “OPEN CRAZY LATE,” understand we mean 10 AM – 9 PM from Monday to Friday and it’s ALL starts on February 1st 2017. #writethatdown A few things you can expect with our NEW extended evening hours. 1. FRESH ground, brewed coffee 2. FREE Wifi 3. Inclusive, safe, cozy atmosphere 4. Pro-loitering policy […]

24 Hour Knit-a-thon

Friends, fiber countrymen, knitters, crocheters and spinners! Bring us your warm wearables, non-perishable food donations and monetary donations for our Shabby Motley 24hr Knit-a-Thon, in support of Soup Kitchen Community Centre. COME ONE, COME ALL! Check out the video on Local2

Sault Ste. Marie 3rd Annual Pumpkin Weigh Off

COME ONE, COME ALL, to the Roberta Bondar Park, Saturday October 3rd. from 9 am -1 pm. The GREAT PUMPKIN WEIGH OFF (also, known as the Sault Ste. Marie 3rd Annual Pumpkin Weigh Off) will start at 12:00 noon. All are welcome and prizes will be awarded for 1st, 2nd & 3rd place winners. The Sault […]

Taproot Issue 15: Folk – Now in Stock!

Now in stock! Taproot Issue 15: Folk

Lovely Crochet Plus sized Sweater

We do a happy dance when we find a lovely crochet sweater pattern AND a pattern that is sized in plus sizes. It’s like finding the last unicorn. It’s so rare. We’re recommending Rowan Yarn, Pure Wool Worsted for this sweater. And we think doubling the yarn with some Rowan Kidsilk Haze would soften this […]


This bag is meant to expand and be filled up with stuff. This bag is meant to have people ask where you purchased it from and when you sign up for this class, you can proudly say, “I learned how to make this at Shabby Motley Handcraft. We’ll see you tomorrow for all of the […]

Pride coffee night!

This is happening on THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 10th.

DOG hair?

Spinning, carding and knitting, from DOG hair. Fascinating and interesting! We love these older informational videos. We know a couple of fiber hand makers who have made winter hat and mitt sets out of dog hair. What’s the most interesting fiber you’ve used to knit, crochet or spin with? What kind of fiber would you […]

Learn how to knit socks!

So you’ve knit everything else and NOW is the time to move onto socks. Sock making is equivalent to having a super power but NOT because it’s hard. Because everyone will follow you around until you make them a pair of knit socks. Like you’re a super star. THIS IS THE CLASS for you. Come […]


If you’ve reserved a copy with us, then disregard this message, we’ll be calling you or have already called you. Your copy is safe and ready for you to come and get it. If you didn’t get your name on the ‘reserved copy’ list, we have limited copies, but we open at 10am. You can […]


This is the first time we are offering this class. If you are interested in learning to spin your own yarn, THIS is the class for you. This is also an excellent introductory class for those of you who don’t know where to start in the fiber arts. PLUS, your friends will think you are […]

PRIDEFEST at Shabby!

PRIDEFEST is happening from September 8-13th and Shabby Motley Handcraft is hosting a PRIDEFEST COFFEE HOUSE on September 10th from 6-9pm. This is an ALL AGES coffee house. Shabby Motley is a safe space. And we have amazaa-zing coffee. We proudly serve St. Joseph Island Coffee Roasters because it’s organic, fair trade, locally roasted AND […]


THIS IS A BRAND NEW CLASS. If you are interested in learning the basics of Tapestry Weaving, then this class is for you! This is a great basics level weaving class for someone who wants to move onto bigger weaving projects. Sign-up now. INTRODUCTION TO TAPESTRY WEAVING This 3-hour workshop will introduce you to the […]

Friday Night Knitting Club

EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT, of EVERY WEEK, of every month, we gather for Friday Night Knitting Club at Shabby Motley Handcraft and we knit, crochet and spin. We do it from 5:30pm – 8:30pm. And we might high five each other, tell stories and trade patterns. But we can’t give you ALL of the information of […]


THIS CLASS IS STARTING IN A WEEK! Sign up now. Learn to make a growlers cozy (basically a sweater for your beer bottle). OUTSPOKEN GROWLER COZY For those of you who were unable to join us for the KAL/CAL, a few months back… don’t fret!! We’ve got this 2-session class to help you create a […]


THIS is the year you learn to knit. And THIS IS the class you’ll need. There is a week before this class starts, sign up now. BEGINNER KNITTING This course is for absolute beginners. You’ve never picked up a pair of needles, or maybe you have but it was confusing and it felt awkward. We’ll […]

Beef Burritos and Beer!

THIS Friday, we have Tyler Clark (previously of Franks Foods) in the kitchen making his FAMOUS Burritos. And we have plans to drink beer from OutSpoken Brewing and eat yummy yummy burritos. Because we know how to live it up on a Friday Night. We like to own Friday nights, LIKE A BOSS. Join us. […]


THIS is the year you learn to knit. And THIS IS the class you’ll need. There is a week before this class starts, sign up now. BEGINNER KNITTING This course is for absolute beginners. You’ve never picked up a pair of needles, or maybe you have but it was confusing and it felt awkward. We’ll […]


THIS CLASS STARTS IN ONE WEEK! Sign up now if you want to learn how to make this purse (spots are limited). This class is for KNITTERS and CROCHETERS. This class is also for those of you who want to own a stunning purse that will last forever. FELTED PURSE This class is open to […]


We are expanding and we are looking to hire a cook. If you are under 30 (funded in part by Employment Solution’s Youth Employment Program), looking to contribute to a great working environment (with awesome co-workers), love food, if words like ‘food quality and safety, consistency and plate presentation’ get you excited; then you’re who […]

Downtown Back to School Carnival

TOMORROW IS THE DAY! The Summit is holding a ‘Downtown Back to School Carnival’ from 11 am – 1 pm on SAT AUG 29TH. The street is being blocked off and we are going to party like is it the summer of 2015 and we have some ‘pre-school fun’ to have… AND YOU ARE INVITED! […]

Lunch specials at Shabby!!

It’s not even 12 noon and THIS is the line-up for chicken and beef BURRITOS. #shabbymotleymagicmakers #gitinmybelly #yumyum

Burritos Heaven

We will have beef and chicken burritos on Friday August 28th. And they will be so delicious that we may have to change our name to “Burritos Heaven.” You will not want to miss these. ‪#‎wepromise‬ ‪#‎comeandgetthem‬

Community Conversations

Shabby Motley Handcraft is proud to be the gathering place for The Sault Ste. Marie Indian Friendship Centre‘s, Community Conversations on AUGUST 25TH from 9:30 am – 12 pm. Come and join us.

Shabby Motley Instructors Profile: Jess

This is Jess and she is one of our Shabby Motley instructors and we adore her. She has a deep passion for the fiber arts. Jess is a knitter, crocheter, and just recently learned how to spin. We are expecting some beautiful hand spun yarn from her soon. See that crocheted doll Jess is holding? […]


We are expanding and we are looking to hire a cook. If you are 30 and under (funded in part by Employment Solution’s Youth Employment Program), looking to contribute to a great working environment (with awesome co-workers), love food, if words like ‘food quality and safety, consistency and plate presentation’ get you excited; then you’re […]

Frittatas Special

Thursday AUGUST 20th, our daily special is Frittatas. Delicious, and made with local, organic Valleyfield Farms greens and veggies. We’ll see you at eat-yummy o’clock. Which happens ALL day at Shabby Motley.

IFC Community Conversations at Shabby Motley

Shabby Motley Handcraft is proud to be the gathering place for The Sault Ste. Marie Indian Friendship Centre‘s, Community Conversations on AUGUST 25TH from 9:30 am – 12 pm. Come and join us.

Pride Coffee Night @ Shabby

Shabby Motley PRIDE COFFEE NIGHTS are a regular event at the shop. They happen EVERY 2nd THURSDAY of the month, like clock work (From now until the end of time). THIS months PRIDE coffee night is happening THURSDAY August 13th at 7 pm until 9 pm. Shabby Motley is a safe space. ALL are welcome.

Ancient Arts Fibre Crafts yarn

Meet Jingga, the orange tabby cat. Made with Ancient Arts Fibre Crafts yarn (which we have in the shop). Jingga loves laying around ALL day, loves to snuggle in bed with you, is extremely quiet, and eats very little. Jingga will be waiting for you every day when you come home and will save a […]

St. Joseph Island Coffee Roasters Coffee

Your wife called and said she wants you to pick up some St. Joseph Island Coffee Roasters coffee and Rays baking for this weekend. She said, if you forget, a “certain someone” was sleeping on the couch tonight. Just so you know, we are open from 10 am to 6 pm, Monday to Saturday. Shabby […]

Private Lessons – Just for you!

Shabby Motley has private lessons in just about e v e r y t h i n g. Knitting, crochet, felting, spinning, embroidery and beading. In a one-on-one private lesson, you’ll get: 1. ALL of our attention. We’ll be focused on just YOU. 2. We’ll teach you what ever you want. You want to learn […]

Exercises for Knitters and Crocheters

Get warmed up friends, winter is coming. Christmas is 20 Friday’s away. *insert wink and smile*

Easy Baby Bandana Bib Pattern

Baby Oswin’s friend, Baby Louis is wearing, “Easy Baby Bandana Bib” by Sophie Halford. Made with Rowan Yarns denim, in Nashville blue. And now, we want to make ALL the babies a denim baby bandana bib.…/library/easy-baby-bandana-bib ‪#‎getcaughtknitting‬ ‪#‎shabbymotleymagicmaker‬‪#‎goodthingshappeningdowntown‬ ‪#‎thisbabyisstinkingADORABLE‬

Newest member of the Shabby Motley family

This is Vanessa and she is the newest member of the Shabby Motley family. Vanessa is our summer student and will be with us until August. You probably won’t see much of her as she be under the tutelage of Ray and Jeffery in the kitchen, learning the magic spells that are involved in making […]

Win a $1000

Want to WIN a $1000 dollar shopping spree at Shabby Motley Handcraft? Well, it doesn’t have to be a shopping spree, you could use your winnings for … –> a coffee (almost) EVERYDAY for 2 years (we’re closed Sundays and holidays) –> a couple of super awesome private parties for you and your friends –> […]

July PRIDE COFFEE night is here!

THURSDAY July 9th from 7-9 pm (PRIDE coffee night happens every 2nd THURSDAY of the month from now until eternity). We’ll have St. Joseph Island Coffee Roasters Mexico on tap, baked goods, lattes, steamers and ALL the great company you’ll want. Shabby Motley is a safe space. All welcome. Tell all your friends! Hit that […]

Kinfolk + Rays delicious Blueberry Pancake muffins

We’re enjoying our copy of Kinfolk this morning AND one of Rays delicious Blueberry Pancake muffins. These muffins aren’t actually made out of pancakes, they just taste like pancakes; in a muffin. Our favorite way to eat them is slightly heated, butter in the middle, with some local Macleods maple syrup drizzled on top. We […]

Friday’s lunch specials!

FRIDAY’S LUNCH SPECIAL – Aged cheddar and pepper frittata with side salad, featuring baby kale grown by our friend Garrett Goodfellow at The Garden Side.   And don’t forget about PULLED PORK Friday! (Which is also known as delicious Friday) We are open until 8:30pm for Friday Night Knitting Club.  

Frittata Special today!

THIS Frittata is our special for today. It comes with a Wild Blueberry Mixed Greens salad. *cough* gluten free cheese-paleo healthy & yummy *cough* We used greens and herbs from our garden. We’re anticipating that this will go quickly.

Cardamom Pear Muffins, topped with Granola.

We can’t get enough of Rays granola, which is why we begged him to make these. Okay, actually it went like this, “Pleeeease Ray, MORE GRANOLA!” THEN, he made made us these. Cardamom Pear Muffins, topped with Granola. His Granola is good for breakfast, snacks AND muffins. Mmmmm. Come get yours.  

Palm Cove Pattern

It’s called ‘Palm Cove’ and the pattern is available in sizes from Small – XXL. Thank you Rowan Yarns for thinking of all sizes. It calls for Pure Linen. And our friend Jenn used shade 392 for hers. We’re in love. It’s urban, fashionable, and designed for all body types. We’re calling this one, “the […]

Shabby Motley’s friends

Our friend Kate came to us over a year ago to learn how to knit. Since then she’s made a bunch of lovely projects. She started with a scarf and has since graduated (she graduated quite a while ago, she was a quick learn) to making shawls, hats and all kinds of wonderful projects! This […]

Gifts for the Dad’s

Just so you know, your Dad was in this morning having his morning St. Joseph Island Coffee Roasters coffee and he mentioned that he wanted a pair of hand knit socks, a bag of St. Joseph Island Coffee Roasters, The New York Review of Books, MacLeod Maple Syrup and a bag of Rays Granola. And […]


Fresh Granola!

Fresh Granola! Get your fresh granola here!


The cafe is busy. These PUMPKIN SPICE MUFFINS are back.

Happy birthdays!

Have a birthday coming up for someone you love? Are you looking to make birthday dreams come true? May we recommend Rays layered carrot cake. Call the shop and place your order 705-575-YARN (9276). Prebook your birthday cake order 2 weeks in advance to ensure that yummy dreams will happen on that special day.  

Essentials KINFOLK Issue almost here! Put your name on the waiting list NOW!

The Essentials KINFOLK Issue is here! (almost here) Give the shop a call or come in and put your name down on our waiting list. This list is for those of you who want to ensure you get a copy. We’ll be calling or emailing you the minute our shipment comes through the door. This […]

The ‘Christian’s Hat’ by Ágnes Kutas-Keresztes

Sophia, one of our regular customers is making chemo hats. She’s used a few different patterns but her favorite is ‘Christian’s Hat’ by Ágnes Kutas-Keresztes. She says it knits up quick and always looks fantastic in Malabrigo yarn Rios. The colours are gorgeous AND Sophia speaks Spanish; so, she tells us that Malabrigo means bad warmth. […]


   And that’s just what we’re doing. We’ll be here, in the front, until 3pm sucking up Vitamin D and representing fiber arts! Come join us!  

Anne O’Conner

Our Anne O’Conner, one of the founding Friday Night Knitting Club members is having her DIRECTORIAL DEBUT this June 12th & 13th at the Pittsburgh Ave, Studio Theatre. You can’t get tickets, it’s sold out. Yay! The play she is directing is an excerpt from Mary-Lynn Murphy’s “Finding Grace.” You can get a copy of […]

Shabby Motley Father’s day growler pattern

11 more sleeps until Dad opens your hand-made growler present. As an added bonus, the guys at OutSpoken Brewing are offering Shabby Motley Handcraft Growler KAL participants SPECIAL PRICING in honour of loving Dads. Present your Growler KAL prior to Father’s Day and they will hook you up with some sweet OutSpoken glassware to compliment your […]

Taproot and Summer Veggie sandwich!

Harlee says, “MY copy of Taproot and MY Summer Veggie sandwich. The week can now start.” Looks like Harlee couldn’t wait to take that sandwich back to work. We can’t blame her, that sandwich is yummy and our house dressing is delicious. Shabby Motley secret recipe.

Fiber-art parties and private lessons

We do fiber-art parties and private lessons. Get a bunch of your friends together and give us a call. Let’s lock the doors and have the shop aaaaall to ourselves. Let’s drink fancy coffees (or tea) with abandon, turn the music up (or down, what ever you want), let’s eat yummy baking and sandwiches and […]

From beginner to advanced

When Liza came to Shabby Motley she had been exclusively making scarves and dish clothes. She was interested in expanding her knitting repertoire. She is an original member of Wednesday Knitting Club (which happens every Wednesday) and Friday Night Knitting Club (every Friday night starts at 5:30pm) at Shabby Motley. Liza dove into our classes, […]

Needle felting

The shop is open until 6pm, and Olivia is ready to help pick quick, one-night projects. There is still lots of time to make Christmas gifts! Check out this needle-felted horse Alexie made using our Ashford felting supplies! Hard to believe she is a beginner!

Bulky Lopi

Bulky Lopi Icelandic wool is in stock! 100% wool, very durable, quick work-up and available in 15 shades! Perfect for last minute Christmas projects!

Your yarn is here

We’re very sorry to everyone who thought they already had what they needed for Christmas knitting, but the Rowan order has arrived, and you’re gonna wanna get in on it.


  Thanks to Kyla Smith for this wonderful shot of the Wednesday Knitters!    

Ashford Country Spinner II

If anyone has a spinning wheel on their Christmas list, we’ve got another Ashford Country Spinner II in stock! This is perfect for making big yarn, with its 1kg bobbin capacity!

Ashford Blending Board

Spinners and felters – check out the new Ashford Blending Board! So easy and fun to use! Makes perfect rolags for spinning and blends fibres, colours, and textures. The Ashford Blending Board features: – a large 12″ x 12″ blending area – includes a blending brush and two dowels for easy drafting, rolling, and removing […]