Jessica Laidley

Jessica Laidley is a self-taught crafter with a love for complex crochet and knit designs. Her favourite things to create are mittens and socks with bright colour and fun patterns. Jessica also loves black cats, Halloween, delicious coffee, and almost anything chocolate. Her first class was BINA the Bear and is on the Shabby Motley […]

Zenith Lillie

Zenith is the Shop Manager and it’s a good thing she has a degree in Fine Arts and diploma in Visual Arts so she can answer all of your creative & fiber related questions. She has been knitting, crocheting, beading, and embroidery since she was a wee babe. Zenith is a big fan of Chicken […]

Jennifer Foote

Jennifer Foote (Dr. Foote) is a Biology prof at Algoma U, but more importantly, she teaches the Magic Loop method of sock knitting at Shabby Motley. Jenn is a mom of 2, and taught her son Rowan to knit at the age of 5. Her daughter, Lyra, is often seen at the shop, modelling Jenn’s […]

Elaine Oleana

Elain is a quilter, beader, knitter, crocheter and the list goes on, and on. She’s a regular at our Friday Night Knitting and Wednesday Morning Knitting groups. She loves to drink coffee and travel.

Tiffany Baxter

Tiffany is a mom, a crocheter, and farmer. She started teaching crochet at Shabby Motley in 2014. You’ve probably seen some of the awesome toques that she sells at the shop. She is a welder, by trade, but has been busy gardening, raising chickens, and building a new house.

Geneviève Freeland

Geneviève (Gen) finds time to be an elementary school teacher when she’s not knitting, spinning or dyeing! (She only works to buy crafting supplies…shh don’t tell.) Gen has been knitting from about the age of 9, but has recently been inspired to try something new: spinning and dyeing. Something about doing a project start to […]

Marg Billam

Marg is our resident spinner. If you’ve been to the shop on a Thursday afternoon, you’ve met her. She has been spinning for more years than she is willing to reveal. She started out as a knitter, crocheter and needle worker and has been doing it since she was a wee babe; her Mom taught […]

Megan Fontana

Megan moved into the Sault area the same month Shabby Motley opened, and started joining class and FNKC (Friday Night Knitting Club) as a way to make friends. Soon a small hobby of knitting and crocheting turned to full on obsession with all things fiber. Megan knits, crochets, spins yarn, dyes wool and yarn, macramé […]

Ashleigh Sauvé

You’re looking at the owner and brains of the Shabby Motley operation, Ashleigh Sauve. Ashleigh decided to open Shabby Motley shortly after learning to knit, and struggling to find quality yarn made from natural fibres. She is a mom of two – Angus (3yrs) and Oswin (1yr) -perhaps you’ve seen them “reorganizing” the yarn shelves? She has […]

Alexis Ness

Alexis was taught how to knit, crochet, cross-stitch and embroider by her Mom. When Alexis isn’t helping you with yarn she is teaching Biology (she’s smart), and running. Alexis loves ugly sweater parties/get togethers, flying squirrels, tea, hot chocolate and chocolate chip muffins. Alexis is well traveled and has been all over the world including Korea, […]

Melissa Whalen

Melissa Whalen’s passion for hand craft came from the many hand crafts and projects that she did with her Grandma (shout out to all the Nana’s) growing up. Several years ago she had an inkling to pick up her knitting, after taking a wee break from fiber arts; in what can only be called a vision from […]

Kathie Brosemer

Kathie Brosemer has been knitting for over half her life, which is a very long time considering she only started in grad school during an enormous blizzard that closed up the town for two weeks. She’s made a million socks, a hundred fair isle sweaters, and all her Christmas money for the past eight years […]