Kinfolk + Rays delicious Blueberry Pancake muffins


We’re enjoying our copy of Kinfolk this morning AND one of Rays delicious Blueberry Pancake muffins.

These muffins aren’t actually made out of pancakes, they just taste like pancakes; in a muffin.

Our favorite way to eat them is slightly heated, butter in the middle, with some local Macleods maple syrup drizzled on top.

We carry a bottle in our bag, you never know when you’re going to need some maple syrup when you’re out and about. We also carry it in the shop, so next time you need to pick some up, we got you covered.

Because you never know when there may be a maple syrup shortage. Remember when this happened? Whew close call!…/how-did-18-million-dollars-worth-of…/

We’ll see you soon! Remember, we have Wifi, air conditioning, food, yarn and cold drinks.