Private Lessons – Just for you!


Shabby Motley has private lessons in just about e v e r y t h i n g. Knitting, crochet, felting, spinning, embroidery and beading.

In a one-on-one private lesson, you’ll get:
1. ALL of our attention. We’ll be focused on just YOU.
2. We’ll teach you what ever you want. You want to learn the backwards upside down Monkey-tail stitch (we just made that up), we’ll show you that.
3. Expertise. We have over 167 years experience, collectively.
4. Do you have a question you think is weird and feel uncomfortable asking in a group? Nothing phases us, we’ll answer it.
5. Your private lesson will be scheduled around YOUR schedule. Want your lesson when the shop is closed? We do too. We have keys, let’s hang out in the shop after hours and create stuff.
6. Extra help. Have a project you want someone to walk you through each step? That’s us! We’ll take you through everything, from start to finish.

Give the shop a call to schedule your private lesson with one of our instructors and inquire into our rates. Private lessons are based on an hourly rate.

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