Drum Carder Packer Brush Kit



  • Drum Carder Packer Brush Kit
  • Drum Carder Packer Brush Kit

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Packer Brush - for both fine & coarse Ashford Drum Carders

Simple to attach, there are no holes to drill and no other tools needed - everything is included in the kit.

The Packer Brush improves carding significantly by:

  • Allowing you to card a thicker batt by packing the fibres down into the teeth of the cloth on the large drum.
  • It helps control and reduce flyaway's in fine low crimp and non wool fibres such as mohair, angora, silk, bamboo and alpaca.
  • Improved carding, especially for short fibres, by straightening and transferring more of the fibres to the large drum.
  • With the packer brush you can now successfully card a vast selection of fibres that otherwise seemed impossible.

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