The awesome people that work here are at the heart of a local community that extends much farther than the shop walls.

Ashleigh Sauve


You’re looking at the owner and brains of the Shabby Motley operation. Ashleigh is a mom of two – Angus (3yrs) and Oswin (1yr) -perhaps you’ve seen them “reorganizing” the yarn shelves? She has over 7 years experience in the Not For Profit and Community Development sector. She was a founding member of Fair Trade Algoma, a group that advocated for ethical purchasing; this where she first discovered Saint Joeseph Island Coffee Roasters (the only coffee we sell and make at Shabby). She loves Baroque music, Tom Waits, Gilmore Girls and funny autocorrects. Ashleigh is an avid knitter, spinner and coffee drinker.



Zenith is the Shop Manager and it’s a good thing she has a degree in Fine Arts and diploma in Visual Arts so she can answer all of your creative & fiber related questions. She has been knitting, crocheting, beading, and embroidery since she was a wee babe. Zenith is a big fan of Chicken a’la king (but she makes hers with tuna) and she can always be found with a pair of mitts and an old blanket, in case she finds a porcupine on the side of the road. She loves kittens, cheese, laughing and felting. She thinks water is the nectar of the gods but has to start her day with a cuppa joe.



Ray is Shabby Motley resident Baker. Ray is not only a food artist but a visual artist, he brings his creative skills to everything he touches. Ray has over 10 years in the restaurant industry and hails from Manitoulin Island. Ray has worked in kitchens from New York City to Arizona, cooking regional cuisine and baking. Ray wants to woo you with his fantastic latte art, original baking recipes & his huge smile. He loves malabrigo yarn, kinfolk, local alpaca and great stories.



Alexis was taught how to knit, crochet, cross-stitch and embroider by her Mom. When Alexis isn’t helping you with yarn she is teaching Biology (she’s smart), and running. Alexis loves ugly sweater parties/get togethers, flying squirrels, tea, hot chocolate and chocolate chip muffins. Alexis is well traveled and has been everywhere from Korea to Ireland. When Alexis had her interview at Shabby motley, we asked her what she knew about knitting, she pulled out a fully cabled blanket and humbly said, “A bit.” We hired her on the spot.