Ashford Book of Weaving for the 4 Shaft Loom

Ashford Book of Weaving for the 4 Shaft Loom

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By Anne Field

This classic weaving book has recently been revised. The versatile four shaft loom is popular with beginners and experienced craftspeople. Here award winning weaver and teacher Anne Field has written a comprehensive text specifically for the loom. It covers planning a warp, pattern drafting, weaving techniques and fourteen innovative projects.

175 pages


1. The Four-shaft Table Loom
2. Yarns
3. Planning the Warp
4. Warping the Loom
5. Weaving
6. Pattern Drafting (Stage 1)
7. Balanced Plain Weaves
8. Twills
9. Weaver-controlled Weaves
10. Weft-face Weaves
11. Pattern Drafting (Stage 2)
12. Overshot Weaves
13. One-shuttle Weaves
14. Double Weave
15. Summer & Winter, Crackle Weave
16. Clothing Fabric
17. Weaving Projects.