Ashford Wool Dyes
Ashford Wool Dye - Blue
Ashford Wool Dye - Black
Ashford Wool Dye - Brown
Ashford Wool Dye - Emerald
Ashford Wool Dye - Green
Ashford Wool Dye - Hot Pink
Ashford Wool Dye - Navy Blue
Ashford Wool Dye - Purple
Ashford Wool Dye - Rust
Ashford Wool Dye - Scarlet
Ashford Wool Dye - Teal
Ashford Wool Dye - Yellow

Ashford Wool Dyes

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These acid dyes for silk and other animal fibres are manufactured in Europe by Bayer for the hobbyist and serious dyer alike. They have been carefully selected for compatibility and when mixed will produce a wide range of hues. The dyes are safe and easy to use and comply with Oeko-Tex Standard 100. For more information go to Ashford's dyeing tutorials.

Available in 12 colours: Yellow, Emerald, Green, Rust, Teal, Scarlet, Hot Pink, Blue, Brown, Purple, Navy Blue, and Black.

Choose from three sizes: 10g, 50g and 250g

It's so easy! - 10g of dye powder with 10 tablespoons of white vinegar will dye 1 kg of fibre to full shade. For smaller quantities, one level teaspoon of dye powder with two tablespoons of white vinegar will dye 200g of fibre.